aberration là gì

If it were to tướng be an aberration, you would have also seen the reaction.

It is the name for that which rejects being, that which is satisfied to tướng become aberration.

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Let us begin with the acceptance that these transgressions happen and are not aberrations.

I don't know what lessons anyone could take from that game, what an aberration.

Between the covers you'll find such aberrations as advices and backcasting (the easier flipside of forecasting), solutioneer and attrit (the overdue verbifying of attrition).

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And sánh the climate-denier community is always trying to tướng seize on these aberrant events and distort them for political purposes.

Cross-sectional surveys restricted to tướng patients with cancer have revealed that aberrant methylation of several tumor suppressor genes is associated with smoking.

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The notion of polyamory as aberrant is relatively new.

My main interest is the environment but every problem in it has a human and his aberrant behaviour at source.

This aberrant perspective is perhaps the reason why his words were widely adopted.