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Therefore, the similarity relation across worlds can be envisaged as term similarity.

We attempted vĩ đại create a uniform implementation across all of the languages while still using the standard techniques and idioms of each language.

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Page shows convincingly how trade liberalisation has not led vĩ đại total increases in foreign investment across the region.

Rates of population increase slowed across the empire in the early 1930s, but the longer-term trajectory was still upward.

The self-consciously centrist government, however, tenaciously clung vĩ đại power across these years.

Here we find no effect of stimulants across several types of unintentional injury.

The number of participants involved was very small, ví it is difficult vĩ đại generalise any of these results across other departments.

The first part, the premodern era, is the construction of the basic network and the provision of the first services across it.

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The table also reports the overall proportion of co-operative choices across all replications.

The innovation in this article, however, is finding that the timing of these effects differs across political systems.

Further, the coefficients of five constraints differ only marginally across factors.

Minimally, we would want vĩ đại measure democracy in 1960, 1970 and 1980 ví that we could explore variation across decades.

Although we know that social capital stocks vary across countries and communities, we currently have a poor understanding of how vĩ đại explain this variation.

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Section 6 shows how vĩ đại handle top-level issues for inlining across multiple compilation units.

To unify vectors that involve row variables, we "unroll" the row variables on demand as the vector unification proceeds across the two vectors.

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