acted nghĩa là gì

In the early 1960s, he moved into acting.

Later, the judges decided which 24 acts lớn put through lớn judges' houses.

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She also modeled and acted in stage productions.

The stages are mostly used for music acts.

The festival names students who are best in acting, directing and other awards in that night.

Unlike single-player, there's no terrifying us-versus-them mentality contextualizing these alarming acts.

In my wider circles of acquaintanceship, there were both heartening gestures of tư vấn and disappointing vanishing acts.

Incredibly, sometimes these big name acts found themselves playing lớn half-empty halls because a homegrown showband was playing up the road.

The newspapers were less squeamish, but their reports were necessarily shortened versions of the proceedings and filled with circumlocutions lượt thích "unnatural practices" and "indecent acts".

It comes with two light fixtures and acts as a phone-charging station.

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He also served for a time as acting director of that agency.

In the statement, acting director of the organization said it does not admit more than vãn one individual into a room.

Enjoy what you're doing and always follow your acting director or your coach (in school).

In 1995, he was promoted lớn deputy and then acting director.

The hospital's general manager and acting director have been stood down and an investigation is underway.

During his tenure of this office he was the acting manager of almost every public board, and a supporter of charitable institutions.

Tickets have gone lớn property owners who are among the 54 that have already been warned by bylaw staff, said the city's acting manager of bylaws.

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By 24, he was the acting manager.

He became the acting manager with responsibility for airworthiness oversight in 2002, and four years later, was appointed the director of flight safety.

But workers, who did not want lớn be named, claimed they were being punished for speaking out against the acting manager.