adviser là gì

The organization provides leadership training for student council members and advisers.

He also served as an adviser lớn several institutions of biomedical research.

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The term financial advisor can refer lớn the entire spectrum of advisers.

Very shortly afterward, he was appointed deputy interior minister for political affairs, (though he continued his full-time duties as senior adviser).

Banks, publishers, and government security advisers are also excepted from the act.

Just fill in a few details below and one of our trusted mortgage advisers will liên hệ you.

Further, this demographic group has been identified as the market segment that presents the greatest growth opportunity for financial advisers.

Many investors assume brokers and advisers have a duty lớn act in their best interests.

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More and more investment advisers are producing written financial plans for their clients.

Banks, too, are making their advisers more mobile and going lớn new lengths lớn sườn lasting relationships with their customers.

Stored product entomologists often advise producers on ways lớn reduce the chances of insect infestation and thus remain under food defect action levels.

He advises them they can get a better bunk by feigning epilepsy.

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If the bugs and low framerates are impossible lớn work around, it is advised lớn use software mode.

The bench coach, a newer role on the coaching staff, serves as a second-in-command, advising the manager during the game.

However, after this point, the river descends steeply and those not in good physical condition are not advised lớn continue.