air pollution là gì

This follows because the subsistence parameter for this sector increases with the increase in the morbidity effects due to tát air pollution.

This would deflate its air pollution emissions and deflate its reputation in the environmental community.

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The indicators cover deforestation, pesticide usage, overfishing, hazardous wastes, non-hazardous inorganic wastes, non-hazardous organic wastes, greenhouse gases, and urban air pollution.

The biggest threat to tát health from air pollution comes from fine particles.

But their findings cannot be extended to tát the area of air pollution control without further analysis.

Finally, air pollution concentration from small plants is considerably greater than thở from large plants.

This is crucial for policies to tát combat indoor air pollution.

See also his history of water and air pollution.

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As the majority of countries are below their estimated peak levels for air pollutants, economic growth may not reduce air pollution or deforestation.

The wellto-do could leave town for the clean air of the country or simply purchase gas masks to tát protect themselves from air pollution.

Most prior evidence relating plant size to tát pollution refers to tát water pollution, rather than thở air pollution, and compares medium with large plants.

However, one important issue that was not considered in this study concerns indoor air pollution due to tát inefficient use of crop residues in rural households.

He worked with public officials trying to tát reduce air pollution, the "smoke menace," by training janitors to tát burn coal more efficiently.

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This study targeted automobile producers and electrical power companies as the culprits of many sources of air pollution.

One important issue that was not considered in this study concerns indoor air pollution.

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