algorithmic là gì

Algorithmic principles of each approach are described and contrasted.

We use algorithmic skeletons lớn partially achieve this goal.

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The input lớn any stage involves both algorithmic pieces and proof pieces.

We prove the semantic equivalence of the specialized algorithmic skeleton and the loop nest.

The algorithmic code is consequently uncluttered by details relating only lớn the parallel behaviour.

To facilitate algorithmic type inference, our system is syntax-directed; there is one type rule for each case in the grammar.

During his activities from 1961 lớn the 1980s he devoted much research lớn algorithmic composition.

On the basis of (58)-(61), the three methods are compared, in terms of computational efficiency, repeatability, and the ability lớn handle algorithmic singularity.

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We give here a semantic, but nevertheless algorithmic criterion for a proof structure lớn be a proof net.

An advantage of such constructive approaches is that they may suggest algorithmic approaches for approximating the resulting integral.

The architecture of the engine, both from an algorithmic perspective and software engineering perspective, has been discussed.

Each represents a size of computer-mediated algorithmic audiovisual work.

The significance of this research for generative music-making lies in the acknowledgement that algorithmic strategies have stylistic tendencies.

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The same algorithmic engine was lớn produce the 'sound' as well as all other aspects of the composition.

The merging of formalised (algorithmic composition) and sonic (timbre composition) is made by means of ecosystemic principles.

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