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This tuy vậy ranges from a series of clicks vĩ đại long, glottal sounds.

To find the frequency of the a.c. mains with a sonometer.

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A sonometer demonstrates the relationship between the frequency of the sound produced by a plucked string, and the tension, length and mass per unit length of the string.

The equipment included a screening audiometer (a hearing tester), a nebuliser machine, a foetal doppler and a laryngoscope.

His cries are still peaking my audiometer.

An experimenter would generally use an audiometer vĩ đại find the auditory threshold of a subject.

There are several definitions of the minimal audibility curve, defined in different international standards, and they differ significantly, giving rise vĩ đại differences in audiograms according vĩ đại the audiometer used.

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Known as the father of stereophonic sound he is credited with the invention of the audiometer and hearing aid.

If you want vĩ đại use it vĩ đại beatmatch, you'll need a discrete sound thẻ.

At the rear of the thẻ there's a microphone connector, a pass-through vĩ đại the mic connector of the onboard audio or sound thẻ and a small, sliding on/off switch.

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It is not a dedicated sound thẻ though, it is just an application layer add-on.

If you're into films, you'll probably want surround sound tư vấn from your sound thẻ -- but your thẻ still has vĩ đại tư vấn the standard.

In the latter case, the sound thẻ begins vĩ đại prepare itself around đôi mươi seconds before the previous track ends.