anytime là gì

Members served without pay and could be removed at any time by the electors for dereliction of duty.

A map of the level is accessible at any time, but it starts out completely blank.

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Decisions were made by voting without any time phối aside for deliberation.

This scheduling system has the advantage of making sure no task hogs the processor for any time longer than thở the time slice.

If at any time the contestant puts the gold bar on the correct option, he or she will only leave with a consolation prize.

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Frosts can occur at any time of the year.

The gestation period for this species is 130 days with females usually only having one offspring at any time.

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Miners who fought, drank excessively, or were otherwise found vĩ đại act improperly could be fired by the mines at any time.

Handheld game consoles are run rẩy on machines of small size allowing people vĩ đại carry them and play them at any time or place.

Reaching 10 m (35 ft) high, it bears fragrant white flowers at any time of year but particularly summer.