arbitration là gì

Should other dependent reasons enter the picture, then it is not at all clear that the (normal) goal of arbitration would be thwarted.

He worked on disarmament, arbitration and new definitions of sovereignty.

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Disputes over the amount of compensation, cash or trade liberalization, can be resolved if necessary through arbitration.

This clause gave the courts the power to lớn enforce arbitration awards by injunctions.

Participation in arbitration and litigation are the two most relevant kinds of exchange nội dung charted here.

Both traders and producers faced similar problems between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries, including difficulties in gaining access to lớn information, transportation, credit, arbitration and security.

Many of the cases subjected to lớn the tribal-village mode of mediation and arbitration involve the balance of honor.

The state's capacity for arbitration and regulation is low, and large sections of the administration elude central control.

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The peaceful settlement of disputes by arbitration became increasingly common.

Generally, less formal means of dispute settlement, including self-help, conciliation, and arbitration, are first attempted before resorting to lớn formal tribunals.

In our example, opportunity concerns also contribute impressively to lớn the arbitration between outcome criteria that vì thế not distinguish between just and unjust inequalities.

An arbitration mechanism was mix up to lớn resolve disputes with a mediator agreed to lớn by both parties.

I have very little hope and less confidence that the arbitration feature of this bill will prove an advantage to lớn anybody.

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This ambition, which was as much ideological as economic, consisted of claiming a power that had more to lớn vì thế with arbitration phàn nàn constraint.

Comparing three processes underlying judgements of procedural justice : a field study of mediation and arbitration.

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