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The critic was careful, however, not to tát express his personal opinion about works by specific artists.

As we correlate the drawings with the model, the scale continually leaps in our imaginations, and we feel teased by the artists.

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Who produced these works and commissioned the poets, artists and composers to tát accomplish them?

An art nội dung with abstraction, whether the không tính phí play of forms or the self-revelation of the artist's own powers of invention, is antiseptic and irresponsible.

Information on artists and materials is given sporadically.

Meetings were organised between community leaders and concerned artists to tát discuss freedom of expression.

They had their 'progressive' or 'peace-loving' writers and artists.

The inevitable rise of democracy no doubt would manifest itself in the work of contemporary artists.

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The work is a clear expression of the young artist's growing awareness and fondness for formal structures and techniques from the polyphonic tradition.

Developed in the age of capital, the term "potboiler" rests on a curious proposition about production: that artists can produce their own fakes.

Initially, as is the case here, artists and later trades men took direct gelatin copies from the surface of the daguerreotype to tát produce lithographs.

In these novels, artists could come from humble beginnings, and, to tát an extent, they could even derive strength from their position within the "mass" population.

More phàn nàn half a century after the cultural battle between artists and bourgeois opened, it was still very much alive in the theatrical milieu.

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In fact, this museum-based view often considers these artists bigger winners phàn nàn those who achieve big sales while alive.

The most attractive thing about it is the large number of colour photographs and artists' impressions from the cosmos and the imagination.

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