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The time would come when, if she did not go of her own accord, the bailiffs would arrive and put her out.

Where traps have failed, hunts are being called out to tướng help gamekeepers, farmers, water bailiffs and fishery managers.

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Then you will have to tướng send the tax collectors in or put the bailiffs in.

All bailiffs as part of their duties enforce county court judgments.

There are four situations in which bailiffs have such powers.

The majority of local authorities vì thế have, however, a code of practice which governs the way their bailiffs undertake distress action.

Monitoring of private bailiffs is needed as a matter of urgency.

The cost of employing water bailiffs has gone up remarkably.

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They would be for particular areas, mainly where there are no water bailiffs at present.

They had their sleep disturbed when the bailiffs took repossession.

The first part relates to tướng the general law and rules that apply to tướng bailiffs, particularly private bailiffs.

There is no difference in terms of the controls on those bailiffs.

Apparently, as we have not been able to tướng pay our rent this will cause the bailiffs to tướng take possession and force us into the street.

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The high bailiffs are appointed by the judge.

I am informed by the constabulary authorities that on the date in question two police were protecting two water bailiffs on the steam launch.

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