blocked là gì

The wgatray.exe process itself can be firewall blocked, without apparent problems.

As a senior in 2005, he recorded 18 tackles, 15 receptions for 259 yards, three fumble recoveries, and one blocked punt.

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Traffic was blocked by the demonstrators in parts of the inner thành phố.

Along the south walls of the nave are two buttresses and four blocked arcades, the two towards the east being larger phàn nàn the other two.

The firewall blocked all attacks from inside and outside the computer when tested.

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It consists of 2 blocks built in 1999.

Something around 4 to tướng 5 km of blocks.

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It is a two-storey block with a 5-bay frontage.

However, during sleep access to tướng the motor system is blocked (by inactivation of the dorsolateral frontal convexity).

It comprises three blocks with a total of 522 units.