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The wearer of the blouse, however, is defiant, seeing in the blouse a way to lớn make herself attractive to lớn her husband.

It is for such a man-modern in tastes and inclination- that the woman in the tài khoản dupes traditional authority and wears the blouse.

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Actually, there seems to lớn have been resistance to lớn wearing modern blouses among women, who often wore it under compulsion.

On page 18, she also wears either a cape or a blouse similarly decorated with skulls and crossbones.

Sometimes they are also used in puns, as with the article entitled top secret, in which blouses, t-shirts and tops in general are features.

Nevertheless, some subjects sometimes select a picture (a blouse) corresponding to lớn a feminine noun.

In this reckoning, one may see how wearing the blouse is thus 'sanitised'.

But after some time many of the women removed their blouses and put them on their laps.

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This is a somewhat fuzzy date in that photographs in 1923 show a loose standard dress of dark skirt and white blouse.

The uniform included a xanh rớt jumper, which ideally fell three inches below the knee, worn over a white blouse.

Sweaters or blouses, dresses or dress pants, the clothing and the deportment of the performers in these studio-controlled snapshots universally attest to lớn the respectability of the performer herself.

Women may have a couple of synthetic saris, using a blouse and lungi for daily wear, and own no gold jewellery other than thở the thin chain holding their marriage tali.

New clothes are bought rarely; children's clothes and women's blouses are stitched at trang chính.

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B is tempted to lớn walk out; after all, she has plenty of other blouses.

I wouldn't wear the blouse during day-time.

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