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Solitary waves were generated by a vertical bulkhead that spanned the northern kết thúc of the basin and was actuated by a servo-controlled hydraulic system.

In our siêu xe configuration, there are four stiffening bulkheads whose shape defines the main cross sections of the chassis.

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The system shall consist of a minimum of four primary bulkheads.

The horizontal displacement of the bulkhead responded linearly lớn the input voltage, which was the analogue of the horizontal displacement of the corresponding fluid particle.

Exhaust air from open-plan offices passes through a bulkhead duct located in the perimeter cellular offices, and out via automatically controlled top hung ventilators into the perimeter shaft.

The operation was difficult, as the bulkhead had buckled, but by their united efforts the door was eventually closed, leaving only a slight leak.

Two airmen, two women and two children seated near the forward bulkhead were, however, trapped by the collapse of the centre section of the fuselage.

The forward bulkhead of the forward boiler room was wrecked.

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There is reference lớn fire control by means of fire-proof bulkheads.

Some of the things fixed on the bulkhead have a life of a hundred years.

Indeed, if the higher bulkheads were reduced lớn a total of six, there would be a general improvement in the ship's safety.

They are as defenceless as a ship which has no bulkheads.

Every bulkhead is in the khuông of a safety device.

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A bulkhead by its nature is a vertical structure and a deck is a horizontal one.

Were the bulkheads which are designed lớn prevent the spread of fire not closed?

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