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More specifically, we have shown that on the two most promising characterizations, there are substantially (but not dominantly) situationaltering utterances that ought vĩ đại be uncovered.

Our characterizations based on the quantitative data are consistent with the observed characterizations.

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We then develop a series of operational characterizations of answer sets in terms of operators on partial colorings.

The benefit of support-driven characterizations is that the length of coloring sequences is bound by the number of supported rules.

In contrast vĩ đại the previous fixpoint characterizations, order preservation furnishes an tài khoản of preferred answer sets in terms of the underlying generating rules.

The resulting fixpoint characterizations provide us with a uniform semantic framework for characterizing preference handling in existing approaches.

We have exemplified this by giving new alternative characterizations of some of the major semantics from the literature.

All these characterizations or typologies are obviously non-exhaustive.

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From these core considerations -ow a range of thematic characterizations of the urban variable.

Many studies are cross-sectional in design and provide useful characterizations of this elderly population.

She describes the overly entrenched characterizations of sopranos as helpless and tenors as vulnerable and romantic.

We also provide several equivalent characterizations of boundedness.

In theoretical computer science, machine models and characterizations have been the basis for quantitative reasoning about the use of computational resources.

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In fact, if one of the writer's characterizations is correct, it implies a very substantial measure of truth in the other.

However, despite their negative characterizations of the wealthy, both novelists show the upwardly mobile lower-class woman ultimately placed with a man who represents wealth.

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