cheque book là gì

However, they must demonstrate their wholehearted commitment to tướng those who tự not have the developers' chequebook to tướng hand.

The answer that he gave was clear and practical in personal terms—he would reach for his chequebook and kết thúc the embarrassment.

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As women, it may be time that we voted with our chequebooks against some patronising and sexist companies.

Just ask to tướng look through the stubs on their chequebook or the entries on their credit thẻ tài khoản and you will find out.

We have previously considered legal restraints on chequebook journalism, but there are insurmountable practical problems.

I repeat that it is not my intention to tướng make chequebook journalism illegal; it is only to tướng make it more difficult.

It seems to tướng bầm that the criticism of chequebook journalism comes under three quite distinct and separate headings.

The colleges will kiểm tra the correct transcription of material on the birth certificate, the chequebook, etc.

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Perhaps they need modernisation to tướng meet changing aspects of chequebook treason.

The second type of chequebook journalism concerns payment to tướng criminals or people associated with them.

I shall give examples of four types of chequebook journalism, each of which is to tướng be condemned.

Now they finance the schools and provide them with chequebooks to tướng pay suppliers of services, books and sánh forth.

But what is this but chequebook television?

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It was not only contempt of court that arose from the activities of the press in this case: the whole issue of chequebook journalism arose as well.

There was no pretence in the housing schemes, and in the battered inner cities non-payment was only for those with a chequebook and who could take the strain.

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