class action là gì

We tự not yet know to tướng what extent pharmaceutical class action suits and criminal proceedings can help.

The authors note that this scenario presents an especially attractive target for class action lawyers (many similarly-situated plaintiffs and large dollar losses).

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With respect to tướng ' 'class action' ' suits, there were also, and continue to tướng be, significant differences between the two countries.

This was not so sánh much class action as moral indignation that the rules of the reciprocal relationship had been ignored.

In a class action, ex ante, plaintiffs each have an equal share in the one-in-thirteen chance of recovering.

It is also clear that he prefers an agenda of individual cases to tướng a single determination in a class action.

If the class action is maintained, there is a small chance that defendants will lose all cases.

As a result, the expected value of defendant's liability is one-thirteenth of plaintiff's total claims whether there is one class action or many individual actions.

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The question, then, is how sampling error gives expression to tướng minority sentiment in a class action or individual actions.

In technical terms, there is more variance in the "all or nothing" class action.

That decision should be made, as it most often is, based upon the efficiency of a class action as compared to tướng individual actions.

There are limitations on class action suits, the type of claims that can be brought, and the type of claimants who can bring cases.

What appears to tướng lie at the heart of his concern is the possibility that if a class action is permitted, "minority" sentiment may prevail with respect to tướng all cases.

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But the impact of this error, again, a defendant's risk aversion aside, is the same whether a class action is maintained or each plaintiff sues individually.

As a positive matter, there is no doubt that a class action is more favorable to tướng a group of plaintiffs phàn nàn are individual actions by members of the group.

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