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Thus, it cannot classify any uniquely human trait (morphological, psychological, or behavioral) as an adaptation.

The generating extension takes the values classified as static as parameters and returns the source program specialized with respect to tát these values.

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However, recently there have been attempts made to tát devise statistical methods for classifying subjects into groups based on their developmental trajectories.

At baseline, 39 of the participants were classified as suffering from depression.

Some parameter s may be found to tát classify shock types.

We have classified the entities into three types: objects/roles, subtasks and states.

If he is correct, then such cases should be classified with the cases typically associated with wrongful life litigation.

Serotonin receptors are classified into seven different families depending on their signalling pathways.

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If one residual is significantly smaller than thở all the others, classify as that.

The breeding systems of 12 species could not be positively determined and were classified as unknown.

Level of education was initially measured by classifying the respondents by the highest level of education with reference to tát national education schemes.

Additionally, a dyad will only be classified as coercively attached if the attachment figure engages in the struggle which cannot be resolved.

The infection status of 72 % of lizards were correctly classified by our model.

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A total of 97.9% of the scenarios considered inappropriate by the panel were classified correctly, as were 86.2% of the uncertain scenarios.

In the classification tree performed, the probability of misclassification was 3.8% with 150 scenarios, of the 156 analyzed and classified correctly.

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