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Any co-owner is, of course, không tính phí vĩ đại submit his views in writing vĩ đại the working buổi tiệc ngọt.

Subsection (3) is intended vĩ đại cover the situation where an individual funded by the community legal service is a co-owner rather phàn nàn sole owner.

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Secondly, the provision will enable a co-owner vĩ đại make effective provision for the disposal of the co-owned land if he or she becomes mentally incapable.

The outcome is the same for purchasers, mortgagees and the husband or wife who is an equitable co-owner.

Would not the new entrant vĩ đại the co-ownership scheme have vĩ đại find the amount which the outgoing co-owner would get?

After all, the partner is a co-owner of the firm's business.

I quote this simply as one complication, but there are others, for those who wish vĩ đại leave a co-owner-ship scheme.

Yet if one turns the same accommodation into a co-owner-ship society, that society can get the option mortgage and so sánh the rents come down.

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I understand that vĩ đại date three co-owner-ship societies have successfully completed the sale of their properties.

That interest as co-owner will prevail in an insolvency and give protection vĩ đại commercial and private buyers alike.

Clause 4 seeks vĩ đại cover the situation in which a wife is co-owner or joint tenant of the property.

There would be better social variety in the co-owner ship of properties and the housing associations, with houses for owner-occupation and for renting.

The new co-owner will have vĩ đại acquire the outgoing co-owner's share.

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But other co-owner-ship schemes—more generally referred vĩ đại as community leasehold schemes—where individual mortgages are taken out on a long-lease basis, would qualify.

One co-owner was a self-employed building worker whose business, unfortunately, went bankrupt.

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