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These dissertations were produced by graduate students who worked for many years in the thành phố and who have collectively rewritten the history of the thành phố.

But perhaps we should collectively get over this and move on.

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We specifically report on our nonhuman primate and human studies that collectively illustrate our "genes lớn behavior" approach lớn the study of development.

Free-riding on the provision of collectively enjoyed goods (including a collectively provided minimum income) is incompatible with this basic norm of co-operation for mutual advantage.

It is now understood that it is not arbitrary but collectively regulated lớn afford the colony elevated group flexibility.

Many theorists contend that ethnic groups are more likely lớn secede the more they are collectively denied upward mobility in the political centre.

It clearly allows for the possibility of legislative fallibility; legislators may create statutory rules whose applications they-individually or collectively- understand badly or not at all.

Collectively these art works redress calligraphy's historical emphases on epigrams, language purity, and expressive brushstrokes, finding other validating criteria for this ancient art size.

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The sample points in a sample space must be mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive.

Individual decisions lớn insulate agencies from presidential control collectively and cumulatively are making the bureaucracy more difficult for presidents lớn manage over time.

An abiding sense of loss and longing seems the necessary accompaniment of assuming responsibility for our own fate, individually and collectively.

Regional networks further provided protection lớn their members against their governments, or served as a means of collectively voicing dissent.

For the first time, planning, licensing, arts and environment departments were collectively turning their attention lớn issues that warranted a whole of government approach.

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Collectively, soil biota affects both agricultural productivity and environmental quality and, therefore, warrants careful consideration when evaluating the sustainability of cropping systems.

They collectively display an impressively detailed grasp of the complexities of events on the ground.

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