conciliation là gì

In the twentieth century landscape no longer offers this compensation or conciliation.

Some hold that the exclusivist should at least reassess her beliefs and attempt conciliation with opposing views.

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Interestingly enough, however, the conciliation of these two potentially conflicting objectives in the two countries was achieved in different manners.

Our analysis sheds light on the conciliation process by examining the power of the institutional actors and the factors explaining their bargaining success.

Conciliation or mediation meetings are designed to tướng resolve various local problems and conflicts.

Generally, less formal means of dispute settlement, including self-help, conciliation, and arbitration, are first attempted before resorting to tướng formal tribunals.

In addition to tướng the (time) preferences of the institutional actors, a number of other (institutional) factors may influence the outcome of the conciliation committee.

Efforts made at supposed conciliation were a ruse.

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Since 2001 conciliation has been withdrawn from the law against domestic violence and attempts are being made to tướng enforce women's rights through the legal system.

Effectual measures of conciliation are absolutely necessary to tướng the restoration of tranquility in the country, and to tướng the establishment of a final arrangement.

Once the adversary has come to tướng this conclusion, rewards and conciliation are likely to tướng be effective and necessary.

Conciliation officers were government functionaries who referred unsettled disputes to tướng industrial courts for mediation, where the process could take months to tướng settle.

The palace evoked a restrained yet unmistakable spirit of conciliation and compromise.

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The millowners were forced to tướng acknowledge, therefore, that procedures for the conciliation of trade disputes might serve a necessary purpose.

They would have preferred the bill to tướng control picketing, which 'is intimidation, pure and simple',180 rather than thở to tướng focus attention upon conciliation.

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