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Reports from embassies and consulates, intelligence gathering, newspapers and many other formal and informal sources provide the basis for making foreign-policy decisions.

In old age they seldom liên hệ officialdom, whether the social services or their consulate, and look only occasionally for advice or help from immigrant associations.

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Accordingly, he decided to tát make as little use of the consulate as possible.

Ottoman representatives were kept under close surveillance and their access to tát the vernacular press circumscribed; their requests for opening new consulates were rejected.

The costs of honorary consulates cannot be identified separately, but are included in the cost of relevant supervising posts.

It will be our largest consulate-general in the world, and larger than thở most of our embassies.

Finally, there is the other non-statutory right to tát assistance abroad from embassies and consulates.

I feel that perhaps consulates and embassies could vì thế more to tát help.

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Diplomatic posts and consulates are arranging widespread publicity both about the new voting rights and local arrangement for registration.

No one would acquire the right of abode who could not acquire it if he had been born and registered at the consulate before commencement.

Secondly, the time required for a visa to tát be issued at many consulates is unpredictable and very long.

All applicants, including children, are now supposed to tát appear in person at the consulate in order to tát be fingerprinted.

Our consulates cannot, of course, intervene in investigations, direct them or suggest avenues that might be explored.

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Our consulates are in continuous dialogue with authorities worldwide to tát improve working relationships.

The consulate-general explained the circumstances and the costs involved.

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