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To accommodate the flensing deck and blubber cookers a superstructure was added above the oil tanks.

Tents, cookers, clothing, food for dogs, and dogs for food as well as the streamlined, light-weight sledge were all part of the system.

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Food was usually prepared on a wood-fired range although one family used a gas cooker and another a converted oil drum.

For example, sideboards should be placed close together, whereas a fridge and a cooker should be far away from each other.

Solar cookers have to tát be used outside when the sun is hot.

This therefore makes the solar cooker an unattractive option in these countries.

The most useful combination has turned out to tát be a heat sensor above the cooker which when activated both switches off the cooker and alerts the staff.

Those which have been most commonly identified are dressing, doing hair, standing, going to tát bed, using a cooker, walking, climbing stairs, washing and bathing, and toileting.

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They bởi not decide to tát give an emergency grant to tát a woman who needs a cooker.

Concern has also been shown about cookers that get too hot on the non-functional outside surfaces.

Nor is there any question of taxing the cookers which are used in country places.

I am dealing with cookers first, because this is the area in which most consumer complaints have arisen.

It was lượt thích a pressure cooker whose vents had been stopped up: it was bound to tát explode.

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In most houses a cooker is ordinarily installed.

A young man in my constituency was forced to tát make bởi with a dangerous second-hand gas cooker which blew up in his face.

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