decree là gì

The repeated resort đồ sộ the so-called decrees of ' urgency and need ' represent a clear invasion of legislative prerogatives by the executive.

Both decrees were originally designed as stop gap measures pending constitutional amendments and secondary legislation đồ sộ regulate the various services.

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A series of decrees and circulars passed in the colony in 1901 outlined the proper methods đồ sộ prepare rubber for circulation and sale.

The influence and status of regulatory decrees depended upon managed publicity.

Guilds and parishes also valued selective publicity, reciting decrees or drawing on the expertise of parishioners and workmen.

Attention is drawn đồ sộ the need đồ sộ distinguish between the monetary policy and their financial policy in the anti-shroffing decrees issued by the authorities.

The king decrees that the father be freed from prison if and only if she returns đồ sộ court both naked and not naked.

Such decrees may be developed at the federal and/or sub-federal level.

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In his first five months in office, he issued more emergency decrees (thirty) phàn nàn had all previous presidents combined.

After this loss of honour (for such was the decree's real significance), conservative nobles retreated into passivity or departed altogether.

A state of siege was decreed in the states controlled by rebels, rapidly extended đồ sộ the entire country.

Individual convictions, no matter how per vasively they may be harbored, are not the products of formal enactments or authoritative decrees.

The king could return decrees đồ sộ the council, with further steps kept ambiguous.

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They stressed the role of the social-milieu and human-will view that entered the 1882 law decreeing the instruction of morale laque in primary schools.

The provincial government decreed that the đô thị would be provided with the very latest innovations of art and science.

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