delightful nghĩa là gì

They all played because they loved it; there never were more delightful evenings.

He was a universal favourite, a delightful companion, a brilliant scholar and the playful enemy of all dons.

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Her voice is fresh and of a delightful quality.

He noted that while the wilderness scenery is delightful, there is ample interview material as well.

His clear text presented with delightful humour and simplicity establishes an instant rapport with the readers.

He lights the bundle of sticks, breaks the eggs, makes an omelet, and eats it with delight.

She also called it a sumptuous visual delight in the sets of the garden and the centre.

With his career as a judge he took delight in sentencing criminals and letting the innocent go không lấy phí.

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It was a delight for small schoolboys to tướng be able to tướng act as cheerleaders to tướng this somewhat one-sided contest.

For most fans there will be little that will surprise, but some of the details are likely to tướng delight.

He saw the film repeatedly just to tướng see that scene, and was often shushed by angry patrons when his delighted laughter got too loud.

They deserved much better treatment than thở they got, but those who saw them delighted in them...

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From early girlhood she delighted in creating imaginary people.

She is delighted and adds it to tướng her tea các buổi party guests.

The pope was sánh delighted that he invited the band near him on the stage.