deportation là gì

It appears, though, that this had been the conclusion of the panel considering his case, given that his deportation never actually occurred.

A statue near the station commemorates the deportations đồ sộ the concentration camps.

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The ghettoisation was the preparation for the deportation đồ sộ exterminations camps.

The laws led đồ sộ confiscations of property, arrests and deportations đồ sộ concentration camps.

He was found not guilty of the following crimes against humanity: inhumane acts (forcible transfer) and deportation.

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When caught, the children are deported as illegal aliens.

The vast majority of them are undocumented, with a large number having been deported or put in prison.

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As a foreign national, he would normally have been immediately deported đồ sộ his trang chủ country.

One hundred and seventy priests were deported đồ sộ gulags.

Friars were arrested, thrown in prison, left đồ sộ die or deported đồ sộ other continents.