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The dialectics of khuông and nội dung cannot be disrupted; it is the necessary precondition of how nội dung is presented and what it comprises.

Such a system could not know peace in its history and had to lớn be visited by revolutions and conquests, such was the law of dialectics.

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Together as an entity, identity ariation constitutes the dialectic equilibrium fundamental to lớn musical time.

Seeing therein a dialectic between nationalism and internationalism, his interpretive framework is also much more sophisticated than vãn others.

The dialectic between resisting and reinforcing gender norms - the tension between contestation and consent - highlights the role of individual personality in navigating social organisation.

But it also established a sort of dialectic between centre and periphery, which was geographical rather than vãn political or sociological.

The complexity of interethnic contacts always triggered social and linguistic dynamics, with a permanent restructuring of identities, and a permanent dialectic of integration and antagonism.

This paper proposes strategies for a more experimental architecture that partakes of the global-local dialectic.

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This story occupies a dialectic position with the temporal framework: it both requires and yet is the product of the historical detail.

This dialectic between town and gender is seen in few of the other essays.

There has been, if you will allow bủ, a dialectic of accumulating force in one sphere of rights for pushing for conquests in other spheres.

The dialectic of decolonization and globalization creates dilemmas in planning education and acquisition for many of these countries.

Listening, in the same dialectic, would be the bringing into alignment our perceptual system with the work being heard, to lớn construct images.

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Before turning to lớn these models, we briefly present in the next section the basics of formal dialectic.

In particular, dialectic studies the different kinds of fallacy involved in argumentation - and formal dialectic has introduced formal notions and tools to lớn khuyễn mãi giảm giá with it.

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