digger là gì

The diggers continued in their brutal and barbarous way.

First, despite two major amendments, the law still fails to tướng deter badger diggers and baiters.

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I was also shown trench diggers that would bởi the work of unskilled men, and bởi it quickly.

The use of steam diggers has been sanctioned at three points, where the depth of cutting is very considerable.

Is any arrangement to tướng be made for grave diggers to tướng be represented?

The gold diggers (or rather mine owners) will be richer than thở they would have been without it.

Why not give the diggers a little more credit and help?

There is no doubt that illegal badger diggers would be more likely to tướng be convicted under these proposals.

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Legislation should be directed at badger diggers and badger baiters, who cause appalling cruelty to tướng badgers.

We must consider who will license or control the recognised diggers.

Does this question only apply to tướng the grave diggers in the cemetery?

They, are coal diggers or iron and steel workers.

Could he not see his way to tướng licensing authorised diggers and thus over this monopoly?

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Therefore, we must find a means of distinguishing between legitimate terrier men and badger diggers.

I am also in some trepidation at the thought of motor mowers or other gardening and agricultural equipment, small diggers and tractors, being demonstrated!

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