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Examples for infinitely divisible distributions are the normal distribution or the hyperbolic distribution (as mentioned above).

Section 2 reviews a barter equilibrium and a stationary monetary equilibrium in the standard tìm kiếm model of money with divisible commodities.

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The servicing ofindividual houses should be capable of being divisible.

From (53), this immediately means that is infinite for such a divisible labor economy.

The divisible property of language choice in education offers the potential for rationalisation and cultural preservation at the same time.

The rime may be further divisible into the vowel nucleus and the coda, or any final consonants.

A px is the smallest graphic unit of the image and, as an atom, it is not further divisible.

Learners must learn which entities can be conceptualized as divisible within a given context.

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Then 214 (r - 1) is divisible by 3, and we d obtain the required result as above.

Attributes of bodies are all divisible in one of two ways.

A non-spatial entity cannot in such a circumstance be divisible.

Any isomorphism on row dimension groups will be an integer matrix which preserves the row and column divisible eigenspaces.

If the good is divisible, we may divide it equally and distribute it lớn each person equally.

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Not all years divisible by four are leap years.

One can also give an alternative treatment for all divisible forms as follows.

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