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Notation can be taught and the ear can be developed.

Farmers tend vĩ đại reduce planting mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa as soil fertility decreases ví that they obtain ears of a reasonable size.

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The total number of plants and ears were counted in each plot at the time of harvest.

The acoustic waveform that reaches the ears is structured by the activity of several anatomical structures, including the lips, tongue, jaw, and larynx.

The basilar membrane of the inner ear is an elastic shell immersed in fluid that vibrates in response vĩ đại the incident sound.

Analysis of the wave forms allows information vĩ đại be obtained about the middle ear, the cochlea, the eighth nerve and the central auditory connections.

This word "hospice" went in our ears and promptly exited.

It enters from one ear, and signals vĩ đại the other ear from where it exits.

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Few women took advantage of the opportunity vĩ đại report additional symptoms-breast pains, buzzing in ears, tingling of extremities and irritability were mentioned.

These transpositions are efficient but not always elegant: the ear receives a jolt when what was previously a rising second suddenly becomes a descending seventh.

In some cases they also had delayed senescence and fewer green leaves below the ear.

These filters operate in parallel, mapping closely the operation of the ear vĩ đại our model.

When in the sun, wear sun-protective hats with wide brims vĩ đại protect the ears, face and neck nape.

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They sorted out the melodic parts by ear and were shown the primitive chords by their teachers.

This would be comparable vĩ đại whispering in someone's ear in a face-to-face conversation, but these private messages are not recorded in the chat log.

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