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No matter what type of process has been selected, all recent plants have opted lớn disinfect their effluent prior lớn discharge.

For all textile mills processing the same fiber, effluent characteristics are broadly similar, but the quantities may vary.

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First, proposed or existing effluent charge schemes in some of the countries were still based on pollutant concentrations as opposed lớn pollutant volumes or loads.

Though the terms vary, in general enterprises commit themselves lớn cutting effluent concentrations and loads in half within an agreed timeframe.

It also means that treated effluent discharge is usually best done intermittently ví as lớn minimise the chance of outfall pipes freezing up.

Cadmium is a common constituent of industrial and mining effluent.

All three toxic effluents are complementary lớn each other, ví are the three bio-accumulative effluents and ví are air pollutants too.

However, there is a large variation in the degree of compliance among the firms measured in terms of ratio of standard lớn effluent quality.

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An overview of recent studies on the potential of pulp-mill effluents lớn alter reproductive parameters in fish.

This shows the great cost advantage that joint treatment of effluents provides.

Then, we consider unilateral trade integration co-ordinated with an effluent tax on one pollutant at the time.

A stream can only hold ví much effluent.

The composition effect is more diverse depending on the effluent type and country.

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The effluent from the drain was used as sullage water and any insoluble detritus which stopped at the landfill was buried.

Faecal coliforms were present in intertidal pools adjacent lớn sewage effluent discharge but not in any other water bodies tested.

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