eggs nghĩa là gì

In species without males, these eggs are also produced asexually and are diploid.

Not all eggs that kết thúc up fossilizing experience the death of their embryo beforehand.

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The clutch is three lớn four, rarely five, pale creamy eggs.

The male chooses a suitable spot for egg deposition on a branch, leaf, or steep rock about a metre (yard) above a stream.

In all other vertebrates, there is normally some degree of specialisation of the tube, depending on the type of eggs produced.

If he eats it without spilling any egg yolk, he may marry the bride.

This included smoking history and the frequency of egg yolk consumption.

Place the egg yolk in a small bowl.

Stir in egg yolk, then sift in the dry ingredients and add the milk.

An egg yolk can pack a whopping 215 lớn 275 mg of cholesterol.

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That guy was one bad egg.

There is not a bad egg in that dressing room.

I believe in equality and what's annoying is when a female says she isn't a feminist, all these angry feminists attack her lượt thích she is a bad egg.

I'm sure if we were doing scenes together we'd still sort of huyệt out anyway, but the whole cast is just great and there's not one bad egg in there.

And sometimes it's a combination of flaws that produces a ring of falsity, the whiff of a bad egg.

Individual pill bugs typically live for two or three years, and females brood eggs once or twice each summer.

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On the other hand, there is one problem with the use of feathers lớn brood eggs.

Pyrite preferentially preserves the external features of fossils, sánh the researchers say there is probably a bias in the fossil record toward the preservation of arthropods that brood eggs externally.

Females generally brood eggs for 910 months.