evaporate là gì

Early morning water-ice clouds, which evaporated when the temperature rose, were detected in the lower atmosphere, as well as abrupt temperature fluctuations.

In this case, these thâm holes are evaporating in our present epoch.

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If there were some doubts at the outset, however, they seem to tướng have evaporated once farmers appreciated the advantages of cooperative arrangements.

The solvent, in this case an acid, was distilled off or evaporated, and the salts were obtained from the highly concentrated solution, usually by cooling.

By 1938, most of their majorities had evaporated.

Extracts were evaporated to tướng dryness in vacuo, reconstituted in water, chloroform added (1:1 v/v), vortexed, centrifuged, and the aqueous layer recovered.

The need for thâm leaders to tướng maintain silence on the war in order to tướng promote the coalition strategy quickly evaporated.

The organic layer was dried with magnesium sulphate, filtered and evaporated to tướng give 200 ml of the nonacidic fraction (non-acidic, non-phenolic compounds).

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By then, confidence in the currency was evaporating rapidly both at home page and abroad.

The water that had once covered it has evaporated, and the surface is now almost completely dry.

According to tướng this scenario, flies would assemble in the vicinity of the trap and enter only after the more volatile components had evaporated.

The spirit has long since evaporated from this inert lump of flesh.

I am suggesting that as the potency of humanist discourse evaporated ví did crucial assumptions concerning the potency of patriarchy, male domination and masculine sexuality.

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Over the past decades these low molecular weight compounds may have been evaporated, leached, or transported out of the area.

The combined filtrate was then concentrated in a water bath until the solvent had evaporated.

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