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Wishing both of you all the best on your engagement and everything lies ahead.

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I will pay for everything.

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Everything on the site, including buildings and the grandstands, was demolished by 2005.

Everything is surreal and strange, blurred and nondescript.

It's the new generation that's trying to lớn save everything.

From the production, to lớn the way he formatted it, to lớn what he was saying -- he touched everything.

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The soldiers seemed to lớn delight in destroying everything, wrote one witness.

As a species, bats eat everything from fruit to lớn insects to lớn mammal blood.

We eat everything from anywhere at any time.

They eat everything on their plates, compliment má on my cooking and go trang chính early without requiring má to lớn make conversation.

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People think because you're a foodie there's some secret document that you've signed that says you're going to lớn eat everything and that's not true.

Do you eat everything by the time you kết thúc your meal?