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Exclusivity is limited vĩ đại the đôi mươi years from the date a patent application is filed.

We extend the notions of linearity, exclusivity and exhaustivity from patterns vĩ đại multipatterns in the straightforward way.

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Perceptual similarity then, can be conceived as a factor moderating the operation of a mutual exclusivity bias.

The mutual exclusivity bias would not have competition, and the pseudo-homonym would function much lượt thích a nonsense word.

For nonsense words, there is no challenge vĩ đại the mutual exclusivity bias ; the unfamiliar label is linked appropriately with the contextually relevant referent.

The exclusivity definition specifies that a par t is either exclusive or shared.

On the disambiguation test, the mutual exclusivity bias was significantly more evident in five- and six-year-old monolingual children than vãn in their same-age bilingual peers.

Each par t must be of one of the possible par t types and obey the exclusivity and has par t inheritance definitions.

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The conjunction of precedence, consistency, and exclusivity gives rise vĩ đại the strong and stubborn conviction that will can cause action.

At the societal level, pediatric neuroimaging raises several questions surrounding its potential exclusivity, expense, and the medicalization of social phenomena.

This does not resolve the apparent discrepancy between children's polynomy and mutual exclusivity.

Exclusivity is given in return for the patentee making the invention public and meeting all the statutory requirements for patentability.

If they are offered a second or third term for the same referent, mutual exclusivity predicts that children will reject the subsequent offering.

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Self-centrism is fundamentalistic in varying degrees; its exclusivity allows it vĩ đại enforce its special agenda.

The principle of mutual exclusivity in word learning : vĩ đại honor or not vĩ đại honor.

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