fads là gì

The one buổi tiệc nhỏ one would expect đồ sộ resist fads and stay true đồ sộ its principles was compelled đồ sộ follow a more bewitching siren.

It may be the case that the diffusion of privatisation was the result merely of imitating the policies of others and their fads and fashions.

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This style of writing would become a major component of the national disco fad of the 1970s, which invariably used orchestral string sections.

This may mean a plurality of images of health, but these may also be subject đồ sộ media-generated fads.

But it e could also be a case of more upmarket resorts aping an older fad for staged animal fights.

Others, while conscientiously working đồ sộ emphasize the cultural status of a writer, over up merely pandering đồ sộ popular tastes, promoting literary fads.

She adds that it may just be a passing fad.

It was a new scientific discourse, but phrenology was also a public rage, a sweeping fad, a craze.

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The southern half of the main roof provided a private terrace for nude sunbathing, following the health fad of the day.

You have đồ sộ apply a lot of judgment, so sánh that you don't go running off on some nonproductive fad.

This is a straightforward way of incorporating into analysis nonprice variables that affects choices, such as congestion, fads, or information contagion.

The fad for equestrian portraiture was launched in the early 1860s.

I sympathize with the detractors, sharing their dislike for commodity culture and their revulsion at the transformation of aesthetics into a brand or fad.

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One became as it were vaccinated against fads.

It is contrasted with quick success, temporary fads, throw-away commodities, and cultural fast-food.

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