feasibility là gì

This level of mô tả tìm kiếm is sufficient for an engineer to tướng consider initial design feasibility.

Thus, most analyses are undertaken at their request, prioritized according to tướng their urgency and feasibility.

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However, consensus data often provide critical feedback on the feasibility of the proposed recommendations.

We might still disagree about what is feasible, or how much feasibility matters, but at least we can figure out what we are really debating.

The particulars of these feasibility debates will involve a broad range of considerations.

Their work demonstrates the feasibility of using agents to tướng autonomously manage a network.

It was of doubtful feasibility and was certainly very complex, technically.

On the other hand, new translations, computer technology, electronic databases and the feasibility of word searches make such enterprises easier to tướng contemplate.

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Our later discussion about the relation between feasibility and sincerity suggests, however, that this expressive value need not be undermined by strategic voting.

The feasibility of identifying mutually exclusive liability subtypes that are each featured by a unique phenotype profile is thus dubious.

This article argues against over ambitious expectations about the feasibility of integration.

An interpretative evaluation can be valuable at various stages in the development cycle but particularly for feasibility study, design feedback or post-implementation review.

At first, competition for deposits forces banks to tướng earn zero profits in equilibrium and hence the feasibility conditions (18) and (19) hold with equality.

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The implementation perspective addresses another component of evaluating programmes - the question of the technical feasibility of the intervention.

Based on the result of this initial feasibility study, the rulebase was further refined to tướng remove conflicting rules and minimize the potential for false positives.

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