flaming là gì

He is shown with a flaming or red toàn thân, large eyes and ears and often a pan full of coals or hot poker.

The result is increased flaming hostile language that zings its targets and creates a toxic climate for relational growth on the mạng internet.

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He grew up watching the early space flights blasting off, staring at the flaming boosters through the hurricane fence.

Flaming is normally used to tát describe when people are in an argument, or are debating some controversial issue.

It was at this march that flaming torches were carried by the protestors.

An attempt to tát blow up a church in the path of the fire only succeeded in helping to tát spread the flames....

It was known that firedamp was present in the pit and it is likely that this was ignited by a naked flame.

Witnesses said they heard an explosion before flames erupted aboard the aircraft.

Later models had graduated shields by which the deputy could determine the concentration of firedamp from the heightening of the flame.

In nemertean protonephridia, flame cells which filter out the wastes are embedded in the front part of the two lateral fluid vessels.

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No one has really understood her ways and always blame her for flaming up over little things.

In many cases, perceived or real instances of police brutality lit the match that caused violence to tát flame up.

I watch one now through my drawing room window as it flickers beneath the oak, stopping to tát pounce, to tát sample, to tát bury, before flaming up the trunk.

I felt my face flame up with embarrassment.

The couple can watch the red glow of the fire above the tree line at night, including flames up to tát 10 metres high, that aren't visible by day.

A spray can in the suitcase may have triggered the explosion, causing the suitcase to tát burst into flames, police said.

The truck rolled over and burst into flames, and the dad died at the scene after he was thrown out of the vehicle.

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The plane hit the runway, tumbled and burst into flames.

The xế hộp hit a post or a tree and burst into flames.

His xe đạp burst into flames, catching the xế hộp on fire.