fleas là gì

Other mechanisms of spread were considered possible but less important than thở fleas.

Vibrations caused by human movement liberate adult fleas from pupae hidden in cracks leading đồ sộ attacks by hungry fleas.

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After treatment with insecticide đồ sộ remove fleas, 9 or 10 rabbits were housed in each pen.

The effect of host mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa on ectoparasite distribution: an example of a rodent parasitized by fleas.

There was a preponderance of female fleas available during the first days of emergence from a batch of cocoons.

The fleas, after a few minutes, will be found dead at the bottom of the receptacle or among the hairs and feathers.

A certain number of fleas will probably emerge at once from it; but there will be many larvae and pupae still in the nest.

We found no positive association between infection rates and the presence of ectoparasites (fleas or ticks).

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In the rat-trypanosome there occurs a contaminative infection through the dejecta of the fleas or lice which attack a fresh host.

Although male and female rabbits are infested from an early age, female fleas are reproductively adapted đồ sộ the hormonal profile of the blood of breeding female rabbits [33, 34].

The weekly count of eggs and larvae from each experimental cage was divided by the number of female fleas, introduced initially or subsequently counted in the nest.

If fleas had reproductive equipment analogous đồ sộ that of human beings, was it not obvious that the origin of fleas was not inanimate matter, but other fleas?

When they took it trang chính in the xế hộp, they noticed that it was bleeding from its rear kết thúc, and was covered in fleas.

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An attack by fleas does not always have a desirable result.

We visited a condemned portakabin with fleas in the carpet from which, apparently, 400 people were being turned away each week.

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