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These gateways are almost always depicted open, with products, customers and workers moving between the urban street and the industrial warehouse or foundry.

Note that particulate emissions from the chemical plant are significantly higher than thở emissions from the iron foundry.

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The foundry-specification robots were to lớn be used as high pressure water cleaners for the removal of paint build-up on paint-shop skids.

First, the health damages associated with the chemical plant are much higher than thở those associated with the iron foundry.

Eight years later, the steel mill was inaugurated and foundries commenced operation in the period between 1849 and 1852.

Second, the health damages from uncontrolled emissions are much higher than thở for controlled emissions - 16 times higher for the iron foundry and 50 times higher for the chemical plant.

The iron foundry produces table bases.

It becomes a foundry or a furnace.

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The majority of the foundries closed during the war have reopened, and permission to lớn bởi sánh will be given to lớn any others who seek it.

It is no use grumbling about the shortage of baths if the foundry industry does not offer attractive terms to lớn its workers.

We are asking, very modestly, for the full realisation of the plan enunciated, plus the assurance that we shall keep at least one steel foundry.

Also, there was a great khuyến mãi of traditional iron malleable foundry work there.

Likewise, for example, as labour becomes available, the cement industry and the foundries producing builders' castings will be brought back into full production.

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Is there any sign that we are getting down to lớn a hard core of foundries in which there is not likely to lớn be improvement?

Ask those in the pottery, machine tool, general engineering, foundry, shoe and textile industries; ask anywhere in the west midlands.

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