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Competition among a multitude of providers similarly promotes duplication of expensive equipment and services, and a misplaced emphasis on service frills.

The sunflower, lily and peacock feather therefore distanced their user from the world of feminine frills.

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At the heart of any dictionary - for all the frills and the new words - lies the way it organizes and explains the meanings of words.

While on horseback, the fair equestrian shunned the lace, frills, and furbelows worn by her pedestrian sisters.

To make the society lady look comic, he gives her messy hair and floating fragments of frills, and exaggerates the wrinkles in her gown.

The undersheet was first tacked into place prior đồ sộ fixing the side lining, the side-sheets and ruched frill along the visible top edge.

Once the coffin had received its primary lining and edged frill, two rectangular sheets- both the length and width of the coffin- were tacked đồ sộ the base at its sides.

I would deplore having đồ sộ vì thế that, because these are very nice frills, but they belong đồ sộ rich countries and not đồ sộ poor ones.

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In my view there were far too many frills which ought đồ sộ have been cut out.

There are no frills in the education service.

The funeral directors' association also called for better publicity for the option of a basic "no frills" funeral.

The need for tốc độ, dependability and easy maintenance is common đồ sộ both; the interior fittings are merely frills.

I shall not refer đồ sộ any of those frills đồ sộ the argument.

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What extra frills are provided, such as a bed reservation benefit?

How đồ sộ make crepe paper frills for decorating food displays of cod liver oil.

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