happen nghĩa là gì

This sự kiện happened recently as there is only one major allele and minor alleles are at trace frequencies.

But it wasn't the full $2,000 amount, and the agreement does not specify what would happen in the case of mặc định.

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As it happens, published commentary about the governess has reached enormous proportions.

It was not a deliberate act a deliberate stamp it was just one of those things that happen in the game of football.

The gradual transition from wild harvesting to tát deliberate cultivation happened independently in several areas around the globe.

I lượt thích to tát see what's happening now in music, film and theatre and incorporate all of those things.

They have stated that they will be re-building their servers and the developer system to tát prevent this from happening in the future.

In the fourth (silent) stage the meditator stops moving, remaining motionless for fifteen minutes while seeing everything that is happening.

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Finally, there is a need to tát specify each event's likelihood of happening.

For example, a person may cry after receiving surprisingly happy news, ostensibly because the person feels powerless or unable to tát influence what is happening.

She was only slightly lame for a day, and then behaved as if nothing had happened.

The answer is the election goes ahead as if nothing had happened.

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He then drove off as if nothing had happened.

My assailant will remain unpunished, and life on this campus will continue its course as if nothing had happened.

Grant carried on as if nothing had happened, and ran his new lodge on the basis of what he claimed were "inner plane" powers.