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The effects of segmenting written discourse on the reading comprehension of low- and high-performance readers.

A transputer can be used in a single processor system or in networks to tát build high-performance concurrent systems.

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It draws ideas and resources from several disciplines, including machine learning, statistics, database research, high-performance computing and commerce.

However, despite the fact that nowadays we are dealing with high-performance computing abilities, the need for theoretical models is still as important as ever.

Even a small amount of mononucleotides of opposite chirality prevents the formation of longer polymers, as is seen in high-performance colour chromatograms.

The tìm kiếm will result in the identification of high-performance solutions from diverse regions of a design hierarchy described by discrete design decisions and continuous variables.

In this respect, we hope for the best from the bandwidth ceiling of a high-performance network.

Quantitation of reduced and total glutathione at the femtomole level by high-performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection: application to tát red blood cells and cultured fibroblasts.

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In particular, in a high-performance tokamak aiming at the steady state fusion reactor, island formation is the critical issue.

By using this approach, we expect that the resulting abstractions will provide reasonable performance without requiring user explicit knowledge of particular high-performance idioms.

A high degree of engineer interaction is envisaged in order that qualitative criteria based upon previous design experience can be applied to tát local, high-performance solutions.

However, symbolic models and analysis must work effectively with high-performance multiagent organizations, databases, visualization, networking, and human stakeholder participation.

This is a robust, high-performance adaptive control scheme that combines the advantages and overcomes the disadvantages of both types of techniques.

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The high-performance of our solver stems from the following facts.

Indeed, it can be argued that high-performance systems now rival prototyping, formal reasoning and education as areas where functional technology has the greatest impact.

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