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The future of the committee and of the homeworking unit is still under consideration.

A number of initiatives lớn help staff combine work and domestic responsibilities have been introduced, including part-time and alternative working arrangements; homeworking; career breaks and special leave arrangements.

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All homework assignments were completed as a group effort during breaks with tốc độ of completion as the goal.

Usually finishes her 0 his homework before it's due.

When doing homework or reading, they often find their minds wandering.

Students copy the examples and modify them lớn fit the homework exercises.

He was the kind of boy who reminded the teacher she had not assigned homework.

I can pick up a new keyboard over the weekend, but the combinator homework is due tomorrow, and it uses parentheses all over the place!

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None of these speakers is unambiguously projecting a staid trang chủ environment where parents might be ensuring that they tự their homework.

Audiotapes were made during significant socializing contexts which included bath time, homework, dinnertime, and playtime.

Well, if there wasn't music we'd be doing homework silently.

However, severe slowness in reading constituted a problem for dealing effectively with his homework.

They imply that children with speech and voice distortions may require additional attention from the teacher, modification of the standard curriculum or specifically designed homework.

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When they come trang chủ, they tự their homework, which takes them all day.

Homework assignments are often restricted lớn a narrow range of writing tasks.

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