houseboat là gì

In a construction such as houseboat the head element is boat, and can therefore be viewed as the hypernym.

The houseboat dweller must produce his certificate, his licence đồ sộ exist, on demand and there is a fine of £2 per offence for not doing ví.

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At least 12,000 people—probably a good many more—live on houseboats, ví we are dnot dealing with a tiny section of the population.

Similarly, although there are 169 authorised houseboats, we know that there are another 1,000 that are unauthorized—a serious problem.

I turn now đồ sộ those who live in caravans or houseboats.

After all, one cannot move one's house, but if a houseboat is sound it ought đồ sộ be movable.

Does it mean a raft, yacht, houseboat, barge or ark?

For example, small yachts may go a long way out đồ sộ sea, yet many of them are used as houseboats.

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Other definitions of houseboats are available on the statute book.

In the case of the renovation grants legislation, the purpose is đồ sộ provide for houseboat owners đồ sộ receive a grant.

It is my understanding that the amendment uses a definition of a houseboat that is implicit in tax law.

That definition of a houseboat might have worked.

What will the amendment tự for houseboat owners?

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The amendment defines a houseboat in a particular way.

I will not press the need đồ sộ expand the amendment đồ sộ include narrow boats and houseboats.

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