hydration là gì

Thermodynamic information about hydration has been obtained from careful measurements of solution mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa and ultrasound velocity.

His study suggested that hydration-induced configurational changes in seed polymer matrices might not be fully recovered upon re-drying.

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Thermal motions and function of bacteriorhodopsin in purple membranes : effects of temperature and hydration studied by neutron scattering.

At water potentials near zero (high hydrations), both small (a1) and large (b1) solutes can enter between membranes.

Discomfort in nursing home page patients with severe dementia in whom artificial nutrition and hydration is forgone.

Hydration should be offered only if it is considered likely that the benefit will outweigh the harm.

Other elements show no evidence for mobility during hydration.

The third fraction, with very low molecular mobility, which accounted for about 40% of the proton population, was assigned đồ sộ hydration water of macromolecules.

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There are approximately four water molecules around both ions in the constriction zone, where their hydration number appears đồ sộ be minimum.

The effects of these treatments on longevity and oligosaccharide contents were tested following hydration of tomato and impatiens seeds.

Longevity can also change following a controlled hydration (priming) treatment.

Such hydration forces can also affect the recognition of small, surface-immobilized ligands by receptors.

For most items, patients and relatives agreed, considering hydration as a useful medical treatment that is able đồ sộ provide some nutrition.

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Most patients and relatives agreed with continuing hydration at home page, if necessary, preferring the intravenous route.

The study analyzed dynamic, hydration and structural features in these simulations.

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