i'm freedom là gì

He appeared lớn have purchased his freedom by money saved from a portion of his earnings.

On the other hand, he became a pillar of strength lớn the freedom fighters.

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This institution has made great efforts for the freedom of this country.

He says that at the interpersonal level, freedom balances individual striving and uniqueness with interpersonal dependence and connectedness.

However, in order lớn not limit potential detainee's freedoms too much it is characterized by the time limit of near future.

Or is that just freedom of speech with a bit of misplaced stationary?

There is a thing called freedom of speech.

Surely the same freedom of speech that had given them the right lớn perform it gave them the right lớn stop.

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The protests in the three nations manifested the embryonic freedom of speech claimed during and after the revolutions.

But what vì thế we mean by freedom of speech?

Students called for democracy, greater accountability, freedom of the press, and freedom of speech.

The newspaper then ran an editorial slamming the student government for what it considered infringements on its freedom of the press.

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They weren't overly concerned about the potential infringement on the freedom of the press.

He added, however, that the struggle for the freedom of the press was still going on.

This right also extended lớn freedom of the press.