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Moreover, by working with the entire population of existing design solutions, it makes the indexation and selection of relevant cases redundant.

These adjustments are achieved through shorter labor contracts and/or a higher degree of nominal wage indexation.

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A typical characteristic of these average-salary schemes is that indexation of all accrued liabilities is made dependent on the solvency position of the pension fund.

Indexation is conditional, usually in relation đồ sộ the funding ratio.

Indexation has increased the compensation cutoff đồ sộ $95,000 for 2005.

We also performed several experiments of indexation of natural language texts using transducers or automata.

On average, both the replacement rate and the contribution rate decline when the degree of wage-bill indexation is increased.

Here post-retirement indexation of the total topped-up đồ sộ is assumed đồ sộ be earnings-linked.

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The pensioners were increasingly complaining that the contribution cuts and restitutions would eat away the reserves for future indexation.

The lack of indexation for inflation implies that workers who leave the firm prior đồ sộ retirement realize little in the way of real retirement benefits.

Strategic decisions as đồ sộ the investments, contribution rate and indexation have no impact on the total economic value of the combined stakes of the stakeholders.

The switch from a de facto unconditional indexation towards a solvency-contingent indexation may be seen as a welfare loss for optimising individuals.

Most pension funds have found a solution by switching đồ sộ an average-wage plan with solvency-contingent indexation and contributions.

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Most pension funds switched đồ sộ an average-wage plan with solvency-contingent indexation.

Two marked weighted dual trees are topologically equivalent when there exists a bijection between the two graphs which respect the intersection matrix and the indexations.

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