innovation nghĩa là gì

During its first years of existence, the company advanced in technology innovation and developing a business plan.

Chrome-plated aluminum bumpers were another innovation, but were replaced in 1980 with a stronger steel rear bumper.

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It has established connections with renowned research environments in the fields of innovation, entrepreneurship and economic growth.

This new innovation presented additional problems for the animators: the expansion of space created more realism but gave fewer closeups.

In addition to tát their skills as golf professionals, clubmakers and players, they were responsible for many innovations to tát the game of golf.

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He innovated the television laugh track, rather kêu ca go to tát the expense of a studio audience.

He was a very innovate director and cameraman, pioneering techniques such as the close up and cutting from one scene to tát another.

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The couple taught their four daughters who continued innovating their own styles and then teaching the two generations after them.

Faculties not only innovate, but also conduct applied research on innovation processes public policies, organizational processes, history and a range of important topics.

Most alarmingly, the swarms seem to tát possess rudimentary intelligence, the ability to tát quickly learn and to tát innovate.