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The following examples of the code are all of source statements, which are in italics.

Numbers in bold are estimated coefficients; numbers in parentheses are their panel-corrected standard errors; numbers in italics are p-values from one-sided t-tests.

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Enzymes (italics) in bold lettering have been manipulated through genetic engineering (see text for details).

Printed rubrics from the libretto are in italics; sung text is in inverted commas.

The estimated coefficients associated with the spline for marriage duration are not shown; the first category of each variable (in italics) is the reference group.

Figures in italics l calculations based on fewer phàn nàn 15 couples.

The main effect and interaction effects coefficients in italics result from adding the original main effect to lớn those of the interaction term coefficients.

Table 1 presents average allele ages calculated using the importance-sampling method (in roman type), and, when possible, from the relevant analytical theory (in italics).

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Points of the paradigm that are of special interest appear in italics.

Values in bold represent the highest percentage for each species, and those in italics are conspecifics.

The sequences that hybridize with the primers are indicated in italics.

Numbers in italics indicate the number of identical data points.

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In the figure, expressions (called intensions) are shown in italics and their values (called extensions) are shown in teletype.

Variables influencing each process are shown in italics.

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